Effective projects through close collaboration

OX2 has an efficient project organisation with cutting-edge expertise in realising complex wind power undertakings. An essential skill is the ability to coordinate several parallel industrial projects involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

We work closely with local stakeholders, licensing authorities and established suppliers of turbines and construction services right from the early stages of the planning process. As an independent planning organisation, we procure wind turbines on the basis of the financial, technical and environmental requirements of each individual project. Turbine suppliers used in OX2’s wind power projects include Vestas and Siemens.


Leading partners
We work in partnership with leading construction companies such as Skanska and Peab to construct roads, crane sites and fundaments, set up telecommunications and erect wind turbines. Connection to the electricity network is coordinated with network owners within the framework of the land and environmental permits obtained.

Financial analysis
Before any wind power acquisitions, we establish the financial and administrative criteria in collaboration with our clients – institutional asset managers, banks and major electricity users. We evaluate financing options and profitability estimates, focusing on low investment costs and satisfactory returns.

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