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OX2 and Fontavis sign another wind farm agreement for Sweden


The agreement covers a wind farm in Sweden, consisting of nine Nordex turbines (33 MW).

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OX2 and Aquila Capital in major deal for 357 MW wind farm in Sweden


The financing of Valhalla project comprising 85 wind turbines has been successfully completed.

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OX2 sells 21.6 MW wind farm in Sweden to Fontavis


Fontavis has signed a purchase agreement with OX2 for six turbines at Stigshöjden with a total output of 21.6 MW.

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OX2 hands over Ajos wind farm to IKEA Finland


OX2 has commissioned and handed over the first large-scale wind power re-powering project has been completed in Finland, to IKEA.

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Successful inauguration of the Jouttikallio wind farm in Finland


May 18, the Jouttikallio wind farm in Lappo was inaugurated. The owner is Allianz and OX2 has built the wind farm.

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OX2 recruits: Project Engineer Wind Power


OX2 is looking for a wind power Project Engineer with overall responsibility for technical design, optimization and quality of the wind farm.

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OX2 annual report 2016 is here


In financial terms, 2016 was one of the most important and successful years in OX2’s history.

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OX2 will manage a 45 MW wind farm owned by IKEA Group in Lithuania


This will be the fourth wind farm which OX2 is managing for IKEA Group.

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OX2 and Aquila Capital sign agreement for wind farm in Finland


The purchase agreement is for the 14.4 MW Ykspihlaja wind farm.

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OX2 recruits new Operations and Management Director for wind power


Lars Bryngelsson will be leading and developing OX2 in its technical and commercial management of wind farms for different customers.

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