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Learning and Development

The OX2 learning and training philosophy reflects the current mindshift in how learning and training should be provided and approached to enable a growth culture. It is provided to everyone, rather than just to management, managers, and selected groups. Some of our initiatives are presented below.

OX2 Academy

OX2 Academy is our platform for learning and development. We provide our people with access to learning experiences that help them grow their skills and capabilities but also to create a sense of belonging. We cover a range of topics that are relevant for today’s business environment, Project Management, Sustainability, Mindfulness, and more.

OX2 Academy also offers live learning experiences where colleagues meet across our markets to share perspectives, we call this OX2 Foundation training. These sessions are designed to foster a culture of curiosity, diversity, and learning from each other. They also help us build stronger relationships and networks across our organization.


We provide mindfulness training to all our employees to strengthen resilience and overall well-being. Mindfulness is a practice that helps us become more aware of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and actions. It helps us cultivate positive habits such as gratitude, compassion, optimism, and self-care – which we see as necessary inner shifts needed to thrive in a complex environment.

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