Financial information and sustainability

The best thing that we at OX2 can do for the environment is to continue to expand our business operations.

As one of the foremost realisers of renewable energy in the Nordic region, we are leading the transition to a sustainable future by developing profitable projects which provide a return for our customers and investors. So far, over SEK 12 billion (€ 1,2 billion) has been invested in projects developed by OX2.

Our view of sustainability
OX2’s ambition is to be at the cutting edge of environmental work, both internally and externally. Sustainability is the key in everything we do, large and small.

OX2 has been certified under ISO 14001, the global environmental standard, since early 2010. This means that OX2 systematically assesses significant environmental aspects and applies clear, verifiable environmental targets to its operations. Our environmental policy can be summed up in three key phrases:

Holistic approach – is central to OX2, since we are responsible for the whole value chain, from wind measurements to construction and operation. This involves a large number of stages and decisions, and involves many players. Accordingly, we give considerable priority to close contacts with our subcontractors, and demand very high standards from them. We are only satisfied when we have ensured that every stage is environmentally optimised.

Transparency – we offer our customers and other stakeholders insight into our processes. But this means that we also demand equivalent transparency from our sub-contractors. We want to be open about how we are thinking, what we are doing and what problems we are facing.

Self-policing – OX2 is not content just to comply with Swedish legislation. We also initiate many initiatives of our own to minimise environmental stresses, not least by spending time and effort on evaluating and constantly improving our projects. The experience gained is then used in future projects, or to highlight problems which may affect the whole industry.

Sustainability and environmental targets

OX2 has adopted three general environmental targets:

  • Increase the amount of renewable electricity in the Nordic electricity system
  • Have the least possible impact on the environment
  • Encourage suppliers to provide environmentally-approved products and materials.
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