OX2’s management team

The company’s CEO is Johan Ihrfelt. As CEO, he reports to the Board of Directors, and his main duty is to manage the on-going administration of the company and its day-to-day operations.

In addition to the CEO, Johan Ihrfelt, OX2 has six senior executives: Thomas von Otter, Vesna Ekedahl, Paul Stormoen, Fredrik Olrog, Anna-Karin Andersen and Lars Bryngelsson.

Group management

Johan Ihrfeldt, OX2. Photo: Christian Gustavsson

Johan Ihrfelt,
CEO of the OX2 Group

Education: Master of Science from Stockholm School of Economics, studied MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business in New York and studied law at Stockholm University.

Background: Johan has over 20 years’ experience of starting, building and developing enterprises, particularly within sectors in fundamental change. His professional experience includes working for Kinnevik, after which Johan founded and was the CEO of Spray, which established over a dozen companies which are currently active in IT, telecoms, interactive media, consulting services, logistics and e-commerce. Johan is also a member of several Boards of Directors and advisory boards, focusing especially on entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Thomas von Otter,

Deputy CEO of the OX2 Group

Education: Business Administration, Stockholm University

Background: Developed businesses since the end of the 1980s at Kinnevik, TV4, Bonniers and Spray, among others. Thomas was for several years Chairman of the board at the Swedish Wind Power association, Svensk Vindenergi.

Thomas von Otter, OX2. Photo: Christian Gustavsson

Vesna Ekedahl, OX2. Photo: Christian Gustavsson


Vesna Ekedahl,
CFO of the OX2 Group

Education: Masters in International Business and Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics, and degree in Business Administration from the University of Split.

Background: Over 10 years as controller, Finance Manager and CFO at Connecta AB before joining OX2 in 2008.


Paul Stormoen,
Managing Director of OX2 Wind – wind power development, which also involves financing and transactions

Education: Master of Science Engineering degree in Industrial Economics, Linköping University

Background: Business development and strategy issues at Accenture, focusing on the energy sector and the financial area.

Paul Stormoen, OX2. Photo: Christian Gustavsson

Fredrik Olrog, OX2. Photo: Christian Gustavsson

Fredrik Olrog,

Managing Director of Bonbio

Education: MS Economics, Stockholm University, studies at the European Business School, London.

Background: Fredrik started building up OX2’s bioenergy division with experience from start-up’s, business development, finance, sales and marketing. Previously at Scandinavian Biogas and General Electric.

Anna-Karin Andersen,
Managing Director of Utellus – activities focused on the consumer market and member-owned wind power

Education: Economics, Uppsala University

Background: Many years’ experience in the energy industry, formerly as sales and customer service manager at Utellus.

OX2 Anna-Karin Andersen


Lars Bryngelsson,

Managing Director of OX2 TCM – management of external owners‘ wind turbines

Qualifications: Engineering degree in Mechanics, University of Linköping.

Background: Lars can look back on many years‘ experience from Board and management work as a management consultant who has focussed on efficiency improvement and quality work. He has also worked actively with international sales and supply chain management within the energy sector.


Other senior executives at OX2

Linda Burenius Magnusson,

Head of Public Affairs at OX2 Group

Education: Degree in Business Administration, Lund University

Background: Posten (the Swedish Postal Service) and consultancy work in project management, business development and marketing issues.
Linda is Chairman of the Board of the trade association Svensk Vindenergi, Chairman of the Board of 100% Förnybart (100% Renewables) and a member of the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate’s advisory council. In 2009, she received the Environmental Capitalist of the Year award from the leading business magazine Veckans Affärer.

Linda Burenius, OX2. Photo: Christian Gustavsson

Ruben Medina, OX2. Photo: Christian Gustavsson


Ruben Medina,
Head of Procurement and Construction at OX2 Wind

Education: Industrial Engineer from the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao, Spain. MSc in Manufacturing from Cranfield University in UK.

Background. Over 12 years experience in wind power. Worked in different positions and countries in Gamesa and as Head of Engineering and Construction in Vattenfall Wind before joining OX2.

Oskar Eidem, 

Head of Business Development at OX2 Wind

Education: Msc Engineering Physics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Background: Business development, project management within Scania, management of truck component manufacturer.

Oskar Eidem, OX2. Foto: Christian Gustavsson



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