Hello, Louise!

In 2012, the popular artist Louise Hoffsten and her husband, the actor Dan Bratt, became shareholders. They now own 22 wind shares between them. 
”We knew instinctively that wind shares were the way of the future.”

Number of shares: 22
Annual CO2 savings: up to 17.6 tones.

What made you buy wind shares?
It all started when a relative of ours explained that, by becoming shareholders, we can produce our own electricity and cut our electricity bill. After several freezing cold winters with escalating electricity bills, becoming shareholders seemed like a good alternative, not just for our personal finances but also for the environment. We knew instinctively that wind shares were the way of the future.

What are your experience as shareholders?
We had read about wind power and the benefits of joining a cooperative. It appealed to us financially, and we also knew that we would be making a positive contribution to the environment. We even visited OX2’s office in Stockholm to chat about wind shares, and we got a good impression of the company. When we left the office, we agreed that what we do today may have a huge impact on our children’s future.

How does it feel to be a member of a wind power cooperative?
We feel like we’ve taken control of our electricity consumption. That we have been given the opportunity to take responsibility


for our own future. The money we are investing won’t just disappear, it will always be there. We are more than happy to have committed ourselves to something that we believe in.

Has the purchase of shares affected your environmental awareness?
Both my husband and I were already environmentally-aware. Owning wind shares is only an extension of this. It gives us the opportunity to take yet another step, and it feels like we have genuinely done something concrete for the environment.

Would you advise others to buy wind shares?
Absolutely! We are still relatively new to this, but I have already told friends about wind shares and they are really interested. We all have a responsibility for spreading the word about wind shares; the more shareholders, the more wind turbines we can build together.

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