O2 is changing its name to OX2


The wind power company, O2, is changing its name to OX2. This is a reflection of the company’s growing international presence and the need to establish a clearer position.

The Group’s name and brand were reviewed as part of the growing presence on the international market. At an extraordinary general meeting held on 25 April 2014, the shareholders resolved to change the name to OX2.

”We are now taking the next, exciting step towards expanding our geographical markets and moving into new areas of renewable energy and technology. To facilitate this move, we are changing our name and our graphical identity. The unique name, OX2, will enable us to achieve a clearer position and even better opportunities for continued international expansion. The names of our subsidiaries will also change as part of the same process”, says Johan Ihrfelt, President and CEO of the Group.

OX2’s business model – to be a turnkey developer and implementer of large-scale wind power projects – has been successful. The company has attracted more business partners than ever before, especially among international financial investors and major electricity consumers, and has been involved in more than half of the wind power establishments implemented over the past year in the Nordic region. In addition, OX2 has management assignments covering almost 500 MW, equivalent to annual wind power production of around 1.5 TWh

“The energy sector as a whole is undergoing an intensive transformation, and renewable power sources in Europe and the world are moving inevitably towards the point where they will form the basis for the energy system of the future. As an implementer, we see great opportunities for working in partnership with customers and partners to generate profitable business opportunities, while driving the shift towards a long-term sustainable society”, Johan Ihrfelt continues. 

OX2’s annual report for the 2013 business year is now available on www.ox2.com.

To book an interview with Johan Ihrfelt, please contact:
Maria Lyckesjö, press officer OX2, primarily e-mail maria.lyckesjo@ox2.com,secondarily mobile 0707-71 43 00

OX2 develops, constructs, finances and manages renewable energy installations in the Nordic region. We are a driving force in the transition to a sustainable energy sector, offering financial players and large energy users, whether companies, municipalities or consumers, the opportunity to invest in and own renewable electricity generating installations. OX2 is responsible for the majority of large-scale wind power projects in the Nordic region, with operations in Finland, Norway and Poland. For more information, please see www.ox2.com

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