OX2 to build new biogas pretreatment plant in Helsingborg


OX2 biogas plant in Helsingborg

OX2 biogas plant in Helsingborg. Photo: Olle Nordell.

OX2 is investing in a new pretreatment plant for biogas production in Helsingborg which will secure the handling of food waste in the region and provide increased climate benefit, a better working environment and greater profitability. The investment of approximately SEK 50 million is funded by OX2 with a contribution from Klimatklivet.

“It feels great that we can take this step which will create better conditions for local residents and the environment. We will now be able to process more waste while ensuring the long-term stable, safe and sustainable production of biogas and biofertiliser in the region,” says Fredrik Olrog, CEO of OX2 Bio.

The new modern and efficient pretreatment plant will have the capacity to handle 40,000 tonnes of waste per year compared with today’s plant which processes 24,000 tonnes per year. Waste management in the new plant will also be completely closed, reducing the risk of noxious odours and contributing to a better working environment.

OX2 will start immediate preparatory work for construction and the new plant is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2019. The contractor will be MVB Syd AB and process design and plant equipment will be provided by Purac AB.

The plant is part of the Vera Park industrial park, located in NSR’s area.

“We welcome the initiative and the increased impact it will have,” says Kim Olsson, CEO of NSR AB.

For more information, please contact:
Fredrik Olrog, CEO OX2 Bio, mobile: +46 (0)73-656 65 75, e-mail: fredrik.olrog@ox2.com






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