Hello, Paulina!

Paulina Sokolov works as CIO at Bukowskis, and became a shareholder in 2010. ”With wind shares, I can make a real difference. It’s a success on so many levels.”

Number of shares: 2
Annual CO2 saving: up to 1.6 tonnes.
Financial saving: on average 38% of the annual electricity bill.
Home: In an apartment

What made you buy wind shares?

I have three children and, because of them, I take this issue fairly seriously. I feel really happy with this, since I believe that I am contributing to something genuine and good. It’s a question of both being involved at a personal level and sharing a feeling of community with so many other people. Humanism and science in harmony!

Have you ever visited a wind farm?

Yes, I have and I found it really interesting. The farm I visited was located a long way from a population centre, and the turbines towered over the landscape like prehistoric animals. I was really surprised how little noise the rotor blades made. When it’s windy outside, it’s the wind itself that generates a great deal of noise, not the wind turbines. I think they’re beautiful.


Would you advise others to buy wind shares?
When I meet up with my friends, we sometimes discuss energy and environmental issues. When I tell them that I own a share of a wind turbine, they become really interested and want to know more. I then tell them that it is much easier than you think. What’s so great about OX2’s wind shares is that it doesn’t matter where you live. Your home could be a tenant-owner property, you could live in an apartment or a family house, and you don’t need a huge number of wind shares to make a difference.

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