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  • OX2 builds largest subsidy-free wind power project in the Nordics

    2018-10-23 09:00

    OX2 has taken investment decision to construct four wind farms in Finland. The four projects are together the largest subsidy-free wind power construction in the Nordics with a total of 25 wind turbines and a combined capacity of 107.4 MW. IKEA Retail Finland, part of Ingka Group, is financing the construction, with the commitment to acquire the farms once they are fully operational in the beginning of 2020.

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  • OX2 and Prime Capital concludes wind power deal and takes over management of a wind farm in Finland

    2018-10-08 08:00

    OX2 has signed an agreement with Prime Capital for an operating wind farm of just over 23 MW in northern Finland. Prime Capital AG, a European asset manager focused on alternative investments, on behalf of one of its institutional clients, will take over ownership of the wind farm as of today. OX2 will perform a technical upgrade of the wind farm, as well as be responsible for technical and commercial management.

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  • OX2 and Marguerite sign 42MW wind power deal

    2018-09-28 08:00

    Stockholm / Luxembourg, 2018-09-28. Marguerite, a leading European infrastructure fund, has signed an agreement with developer OX2 to acquire 100% of a 42MW wind turbine onshore wind farm in Brännliden, Skellefteå municipality, Sweden.

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  • In an open letter, companies urge an increase of climate measures in the EU

    2018-05-22 12:43

    18 Nordic region companies have written a joint open letter to all Energy Ministers in the EU, urging them to support increased measures to prevent a future climate crisis. The background to the letter is a preliminary report from the IPCC that shows that global warming will very probably exceed the critical limit of 1.5 degrees.

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  • OX2 and Fontavis sign another wind farm agreement for Sweden

    2017-12-21 09:00

    Fontavis, a Swiss Asset Manager for renewable energy and infrastructure investments, has signed a purchase agreement with OX2 for 33 MW wind power. The agreement covers the Orrberget wind farm in Sweden, consisting of nine Nordex turbines. This is the second deal between the parties within a short space of time.

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  • OX2 and Aquila Capital in major deal for 357 MW wind farm in Sweden

    2017-12-18 09:00

    OX2 announced today that the financing of Valhalla project comprising 85 wind turbines has been successfully completed. Aquila Capital will acquire the project which OX2 will deliver as an EPC contract.  It will be one of the largest onshore wind farms in Europe.

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  • OX2 sells 21.6 MW wind farm in Sweden to Fontavis

    2017-11-14 09:00

    Fontavis, a Swiss asset manager within the energy and infrastructure field, has signed a purchase agreement with OX2 for six turbines at Stigshöjden with a total output of 21.6 MW.

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  • OX2 hands over Ajos wind farm to IKEA Finland

    2017-10-06 09:03

    OX2 has now commissioned and handed over the 42 MW Ajos wind farm to its owner IKEA Finland. In doing so, the first large-scale wind power re-powering project has been completed in Finland.

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  • Successful inauguration of the Jouttikallio wind farm in Finland

    2017-05-22 16:06

    The six wind turbines of the Jouttikallio wind farm were inaugurated on Thursday, 19 May, at Lappo in Finland. A good time was had by the around 300 visitors. OX2, the constructor of the wind farm, organised live music, speeches, food and competitions.

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  • OX2 will manage a 45 MW wind farm owned by IKEA Group in Lithuania

    2017-05-05 10:35

    OX2 will manage an existing wind farm owned by the IKEA Group comprising 19 Nordex wind turbines in Mazeikiai, northwestern Lithuania. This will be the fourth wind farm which OX2 is managing for IKEA Group.

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  • OX2 and Aquila Capital sign agreement for wind farm in Finland

    2017-03-08 11:00

    Aquila Capital, a leading European manager of alternative investments, has signed a purchase agreement with OX2 for the 14,4 MW Ykspihlaja wind farm. This is the third agreement in a short time between the parties.

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  • OX2 recruits new Operations and Management Director for wind power

    2017-01-19 13:02

    Lars Bryngelsson will be the new Operations and Management Director at OX2. The role involves leading and developing the company in its technical and commercial management of wind farms for different customers. OX2 currently has one of the largest management portfolios for the wind power with agreements for more than 200 turbines.

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  • Aquila Capital purchases an additional wind farm in Sweden from OX2

    2016-11-23 09:00

    Aquila Capital, a leading European manager of alternative investments, has signed a purchase agreement with OX2 for 65 MW wind power. The agreement relates to the 18-turbine Högkölen wind farm in the municipality of Ljusdal. This is the second agreement between the parties in a short time.

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  • OX2 signs 148 MW wind power deal with Aquila Capital and Google

    2016-10-14 08:00

    Aquila Capital, a leading European asset manager of alternative investments, has signed a purchase agreement with renewable energy company OX2 for a turnkey wind farm with 41 turbines in northern Sweden. The investment is secured by a ten-year PPA contract with Google for the purchase of electricity from the wind farm.

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  • OX2 wins EPC contract for 112 MW wind power in Norway

    2016-08-08 10:30

    The renewable energy company OX2 has been commissioned to build the 112 MW Raskiftet wind farm in Norway. The client is a joint venture company held by German municipal utilities company Stadtwerke München and its Norwegian counterparts Eidsiva Energy and Gudbrandsdal Energy. The project will be delivered turnkey and is OX2's first construction project in Norway.

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