How does it feel to own wind shares?
Here is what our members say:


”Imagine having electricity that, unlike nuclear power, does not burden our children, grandchildren and hundreds of future generations with the responsibility for our actions. Electricity that, unlike coal-fired power, does not destroy the countryside and the environment. Imagine having access to cheap electricity as long as you want it, and then being able to sell your shares and get the money from your investment back.  Imagine being independent of the large electricity suppliers and their greed for profit. Contributing to a cleaner, safer world feels great!”
Christer Malmström

”Both the environment and my finances show a profit.”

Marianne Andersson

”I became a shareholder in one of OX2’s wind turbines because I wanted to be involved in the construction of renewable energy and stop the import of dirty electricity. The fact that my shares allow me to buy electricity at cost price only makes things better. Being a shareholder is inspiring and fun, particularly when it’s windy outside! I’m looking forward to visiting the wind turbine I own a share of.”
Jeppe Larsen

”I feel great every time I drive past my very own turbine which generates my very own electricity, without a single gram of carbon dioxide!”

Göran Lundberg, Linköping

”Buying shares in wind turbines has proved extremely profitable. On top of the 8% yield on the investment, the value of my shares has increased. I was born in Jämtland and am delighted that the Svegström wind turbine is creating some jobs in the county.”

Sven Norén

”I love wind turbines and think they are beautiful. When I was given the opportunity to sign up for a share, I jumped at the chance. As an added bonus, I now have clean electricity at a much lower price. The amount of supplementary electricity I use is falling all the time as I become more motivated and creative, and come up with all kinds of new energy-saving solutions. For example, I use my glazed-in balcony as an extra refrigerator, which means I don’t have to open the doors as frequently. I also screen off my fridge and freezer in spring when the morning and afternoon sun reaches them. I don’t pour out hot water immediately, but let it cool down a bit first. Just small things added to other energy-saving measures, such as switching off electrical apparatus and using energy-saving light bulbs”

Monica Möller

”Fixed price all year round, without a lot of hassle. The best way to invest your money, both with respect to the future and compared with the extremely poor interest rates offered by the banks. Wind is the future. Allows us to thumb our noses at the power companies. Self-sufficiency. Together, my wind shares and my solar panels make my house carbon neutral.”
Per Hassling

”The main reason we bought shares in the O2 El Ekonomisk Förening cooperative was the environment. What can we do to change the world’s perception of our environment? After we bought our shares, I have often discussed the benefits with colleagues during the coffee break at work, and many of them have been extremely impressed by the fact that I’ve actually gone ahead and done it, rather than just talk about it.  Around the same time, we also bought a car which runs on gas, which is also in line with caring for the environment. The other day, it was a wonderful feeling, driving past the wind turbines towering over the beautiful section of the E4 motorway which skirts the shores of Lake Vättern.  I am really proud of the fact that we are part of this investment the environment.”

Familjen Jonsson i Småland

”Buying wind shares was the ideal way to reduce my carbon footprint and get a good return on my investment. It’s great! I also feel really good every time there’s talk about increases in electricity prices…”
Bo Gärdhagen

”I will give you my views both as a private individual and as the chairman of a tenant-owners’ association”

When we built a new house in 2007, we were faced with a choice of either a geothermal pump or wind shares. Wind shares were the obvious choice, both environmentally and financially.  It is great to know that our wind shares contribute to the expansion of environmentally-sustainable production. I also know that, after 10 years, when I would have to start spending money on maintaining a geothermal installation, my investment in wind shares will still have held their value.”

Tenant-owners’ association:
The purchase of wind shares has increased interest in environmental issues within our association. We regard the purchase as a long-term investment in a better environment. More shares will probably be added in the future – at the moment, our shares cover around 50% of our consumption.”
Roger Abrahamsson


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