The Toppsockret tenant-owners’ association wanted to reduce its electricity bill.

Thomas Bäcklin, chairman of the Toppsockret Tenant-Owners’ Association, says that the primary reason they bought wind shares was to reduce their electricity cost, but that the environmental arguments were also a serious consideration. ”Eco-labelled electricity just reallocates existing electricity. With shares, we actively contribute to the expansion of wind power”.

Number of shares: 112 

COX2 saving:
 up to 90 tonnes/year
Financial saving: 38 percent on average (see graph below
The Association: The Toppsockret tenant-owners’ association has 143 apartments in Farsta, a suburb of Stockholm

1. What made you buy shares?
There were two primary reasons for us buying shares. Firstly, electricity prices had been rising for a long time, and we were looking at various alternatives to reduce our electricity bill. With wind shares, we would benefit from electricity prices which would remain stable over a long period of  time. Secondly, we felt that it was better for the environment if we bought shares rather than eco-labelled electricity from a regular supplier. Eco-labelled electricity does not contribute to the expansion of renewable electricity, it just reallocates existing electricity. By buying shares, we make an active contribution to the expansion of wind power.

2. Has purchasing shares affected your awareness of environmental issues and, if so, how?
Absolutely! It makes our claim that we are environmentally-aware far more credible, since we have actually made a major investment. When we discuss our shares within our tenant-owners’ association, as well as externally with HSB and other tenant-owners’ associations, there has been quite a lot of interest. By following you recommendations, we actually do cover 85 percent of all the electricity used in our properties, including laundry rooms and car engine heaters. We made a lot of improvements to our energy efficiency before we bought the shares,  and this has continued since then. The purchase also means that we pay more attention to every kWh used, and look more closely at how we can improve the efficiency of every individual  maintenance project.

3. Would you advise other tenant-owners’ associations to buy shares?
Yes, without a shadow of a doubt! The first thing to do is to work out how much you need, and do everything possible to improve energy efficiency.

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