A renewable power source which benefits everyone

The need for new electricity production in the Nordic region has made it possible for players other than the traditional electricity companies to invest in the energy sector. Wind power is the renewable source which is leading this development.

From a financial and environmental point of view, wind power is currently the primary type of energy used to drive the transition to a long-term sustainable energy sector. A clear sign of the great interest in wind power among investors is the fact that more and more are choosing wind power on largely financial grounds. Low risk and good returns, in combination with reduced environmental impact, are recurring arguments in favour of investments in wind power.

Accessible to all
OX2 is working actively to develop offers for all market segments:

Financial investors of varying sizes acquire a plant from OX2 for the purpose of generating financial return.

Major electricity users include companies and public sector organisations whose core business has nothing to do with production of energy. By owning their own wind power production facilities, they ensure low and stable electricity costs, while also using an energy source which makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the climate and sustainability targets adopted.


Private individuals, tenant-owner associations and smaller operations own one or more wind shares through Solivind El Ekonomisk Förening – Sweden’s largest wind power cooperative.

Driving progress
The more people and organisations who choose wind power, the faster we can achieve a future where we can shift the energy sector towards renewable energy sources. OX2 helps you to be part of this future and to make a real difference.

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