Low and predictable electricity costs

OX2 develops, builds and manages wind power projects on behalf of major electricity users in both the private and public sector. Companies, municipalities and organisations are investing in wind power to reduce their electricity costs and ensure a good return for their operations.

For a variety of organisations, the volatile prices on the Nordic electricity exchange have a direct impact on their income statements, both in the short and long term. Since there are few long-term contracts in the electricity market – and the opportunity to lock-in prices is limited – the financial benefits to organisations of investing in their own electricity production are obvious.

Simpler and safer
The cost of establishing wind power generating facilities is relatively easy to calculate, and the level of investment capital required is falling as the technology develops. By moving into renewable production themselves, major electricity users can avoid risk areas which are difficult to assess, such as the uncertain electricity market and the international trends affecting the price of raw materials such as coal and oil.

Major difference, strong signals
Many companies and municipal operations have environmental and climate targets they must meet, and active investment in wind power has a major positive effect on this. The investment not only provides renewable energy for their own operations, but also contributes to the construction of new wind turbines.  This is the only active way to replace fossil-based electricity production using coal and oil with renewable electricity.

This kind of investment makes a difference outside our own national borders as well. Investing in wind power is a clear signal to both customers and local opinion that the operation takes sustainability seriously.

Simple to own
For many companies and municipalities, ownership of electricity production is a completely new challenge which is not part of their core business. For this reason, OX2 not only builds wind power installations, but also manages them commercially and technically with the aim of providing customers with optimised production and hassle-free ownership.

Different ownership models
An investment in all or part of a wind turbine is most suitable for companies and municipalities which use a lot of electricity. Businesses with lower consumption, or tenant-owner associations, can opt to buy wind shares, becoming members of Sweden’s largest wind cooperative, Solivind El Ekonomisk Förening.

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