Wind power has many advantages for businesses

By owning their own wind turbines, a company reduces its electricity costs and, at the same time, reduces its carbon footprint significantly. OX2 makes it easy for businesses to generate enough of their own renewable energy to cover their electricity consumption, regardless of how much they use.

At present, OX2 has been involved in the construction of around 500 wind turbines and is one of the largest players in the market. Our experience and our excellent relations with suppliers to the sector mean that we can offer investment and operating terms which are hard to beat.

Safe investment
In realising wind power projects, OX2 is responsible for all stages of the value chain, from initial wind measurements to the delivery of commissioned, state-of-the-art wind turbines which generate the maximum amount of electricity at low and predictable cost.

Major electricity user?
If you are, then the best alternative is to own one or more wind turbines yourself.

By producing your own electricity and cutting out the expensive middle man, your electricity costs would be lower and more stable which will ensure large annual savings and protect your company from future unexpected rises in electricity prices.

Medium-sized electricity user?
This model is based on shared ownership in one or more wind turbines which are integrated into your own operation. It is a model suitable for medium-sized companies who want to use wind power they produce themselves to offset their electricity consumption.

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