An investment in the future

More and more public sector players are choosing wind power as a way to secure future cost savings and, at the same time, strengthen their environmental image with respect to the business sector and to citizens.

OX2 supplies turnkey wind turbines to public sector players who want to reduce their electricity costs and, at the same time, achieve climate targets more quickly. The most common set-up is that they produce their own renewable electricity by purchasing one or more wind turbines.

Reduced costs
Owning wind turbines reduces electricity costs since it is cheaper to operate and maintain wind turbines than to buy electricity through the usual channels. This means that wind turbine owners have money left over for other important areas of responsibility, e.g. schools, nurseries and local infrastructure.

Clear financial position
By producing their own electricity, the owners become independent of the major electricity trading companies. They are, therefore, protected against unexpected price rises, for example, during cold winters. In general, their financial position becomes clearer, which makes it easier to draw up budgets and plan operations.

Local opportunities
The investment also has a positive local impact, since the installation of wind power can create jobs and improve regional development.

OX2 also has a programme of “community funds”, which means that part of the return from wind power goes to support local projects.

Driving development forward
As wind power owners, municipalities and organisations ensure that new wind turbines are built. It is only then that new, renewable electricity can be pumped into the system to replace fossil-based electricity from coal and oil.

Tyresö Municipality invested in wind power

Tyresö kommun

The environment and the finances in harmony

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