Reduce your expenditure and your emissions

Today, sound finances are not the only thing that counts for businesses and tenant-owner associations – a clear environmental commitment is just as important. Covering your electricity consumption through wind power which you own yourself is ideal for both categories.

Solivind El Ekonomisk Förening is Sweden’s largest wind power cooperative, with more than 4,000 members who, together, have invested SEK 256 million in wind power which they own themselves, with electricity produced by 10 high-efficiency wind turbines. Their wind shares give each member part-ownership of every wind turbine owned by the cooperative, which makes them ideal for businesses with low electricity consumption and tenant-owner associations.

Stable and low electricity prices

Becoming a shareholder in a wind turbine makes a financial difference. You escape the price rollercoaster of the electricity market and enjoy stable and low electricity prices instead. Over the past five years, the yield on wind shares has been 6 percent on average.

Having your own wind power means that you can avoid using electricity generated from oil and coal in your operation. The resulting reduction in carbon dioxide emissions can often amount to several tonnes per year.

Shares currently for sale

You can become a shareholder right now, since O2 El Ekonomisk Förening is currently offering shares in the wind turbines at Fallåsberget in the Municipality of Ockelbo.

Eco-labelled electricity at flexible prices

As an alternative to owning wind shares, you can simply become one of OX2’s electricity customers and cover your electricity consumption with renewable electricity at flexible prices. This electricity carries the Good Environmental Choice label and the price follows the trend on the Nord Pool electricity exchange.

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