We make the energy of the future a reality

OX2 has realized a significant part of the large-scale onshore wind power projects in the Nordic region.

For more than 20 years, we have developed cutting-edge expertise covering the whole value chain involved in wind power construction – from the initial project development process, through financing, sales and construction, to operation and management.

One important success factor is our ability to structure deals and attract capital. OX2 was the first company in Sweden to finance wind power projects and has considerable experience of working in partnership with institutional investors, energy companies and major electricity users. Over the years, we have developed a detailed knowledge of institutional and industrial capital.

Long-term value
For OX2, project development is a constant part of our business and we have a project portfolio involving more than 2,000 MW of wind power. With genuine consideration for the environment and local residents, we build wind power plants in on sites with strong wind resources where they will be profitable. Our primary focus is on using our business expertise and experience of the industrial sector to ensure the long-term value of the wind farms we build and manage on behalf of our clients.

Establishing wind power – a multi-stage process

Establishing wind power – a multi-stage process

The process of establishing wind power. Please click for larger image.



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