Efficient construction at the right time, at the right cost

Our experienced construction team is called in at an early stage in a project, to ensure that the design, output and cost of an installation are optimised.

The construction team has wide experience of major infrastructure projects in international settings, and works with comprehensive processes and systems to realise a project on time and on budget. In this area, OX2’s track record is hard to beat.

Extensive procurement
OX2 carries out large-scale procurement of wind turbines and infrastructure for our projects, and works in partnership with well-established contractors. Once this phase has been completed, OX2 acts as project manager for the construction of the wind farm, an operation which usually takes around 12 months.

Effective dialogue
In every project, we pay great attention to a number of different factors, not least the area around the relevant site, its cultural heritage and function. We engage with all parties concerned at an early stage in the process, including permit authorities, municipal representatives and local residents.

Subsequent management
Once a plant has been built and commissioned, OX2’s management team takes over commercial and technical management.

See film about Ajos wind farm – a repowering project

OX2 did the construction of the Ajos wind farm at Kemi in northern Finland. This was a so-called repowering project. Ten offshore and shoreline wind turbines were being replaced by modern wind turbines. Three new turbines were being built on shore. The new 13-turbine farm will produce twice as much renewable electricity as it did in the past.

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