Leading experts in financing wind power

Energy production is capital-intensive. Without a detailed understanding of financing, the extensive expansion of renewable energy currently in progress cannot succeed.

OX2 is a pioneer in new financing models for wind power, and our finance team has unrivalled experience of transactions involving large-scale wind power. More than SEK 10 billion has been invested in wind power projects developed by OX2.

Broad spectrum
We were the first in Sweden to finance wind power projects with borrowed capital, and are now working with a broad spectrum of investors, including institutional financial investors (with

or without bank financing), large-scale commercial electricity users and small, private investors

Sustainable investment
We are deeply committed to playing our part in achieving sound and sustainable financial investment for our customers. Over the years, the company has developed solid expertise in the field of institutional and industrial capital. We put this expertise to use in constantly improving our offer to meet market needs.

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