Experience ensures profitability

More than 20 years’ experience and established processes give OX2 an intimate knowledge of the market – a significant competitive advantage in developing wind power. OX2 makes many projects which would otherwise never have left the drawing board possible.

We have the ability to identify the potential and risks of a complex wind power project at an early stage. Equally, we can assess the most effective process for bringing the project to a satisfactory conclusion. This is a time-consuming process, involving close contacts with a wide range of stakeholders, including licensing authorities, municipal representatives, landowners, network companies and local residents.

Comprehensive optimisation process
In parallel with this, we carry out wind measurements on site, which we then analyse using the latest technology and the most precise models. We make constant efforts to choose the right technology and design to optimise the plant, both technically and commercially.

Customised projects
Whenever we plan and design a project, we

focus on the needs of investors and our partners. We develop many of our projects from scratch, but we also acquire projects from local developers. But even with these, it is essential that the fundamentals are right to make them the most profitable plants in the Nordic region. Find out more about our projects.

Local funding – when wind power comes to town
With a business model in which environmental responsibility meets financial development, OX2 takes responsibility for the locations where wind power facilities are built. Districts that are neighbours of a wind power plant have the possibility of obtaining economic development funds – so-called local funding. We have written a brochure in which you can read about local funding and the local benefits of an establishment, illustrated by a number of examples.

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