Abandon fossils

We make it easy for you to change to renewable electricity in your home by purchasing wind shares and becoming a shareholder in a wind turbine.

As a shareholder in wind, you produce your own electricity at cost price and can enjoy low and stable electricity prices at a safe distance from the price rollercoaster of the electricity market. As a shareholder, you will be a member of Solivind El Ekonomisk Förening – Sweden’s largest wind power cooperative – with over 4,000 shareholders who jointly own 10 high-efficiency wind turbines.

Smart environmental choice which makes a real difference
As a shareholder, you are part of the construction of new wind turbines, which people who just buy eco-labelled electricity are not. This is what makes the replacement of fossil-based electricity from oil and coal with new, renewable electricity possible.

Every new 3 MW wind turbine cuts carbon dioxide emissions by up to 7,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. This is equal to you and 4,000 other people abandoning car use for good. Based on the total production of around 60 million new renewable kilowatt hours, the members of

Solivind El Ekonomisk Förening cut carbon dioxide emissions by 48,000 tonnes – every year!

Shares currently for sale
Becoming a shareholder could not be easier – right now, Utellus (site only in Swedish) has shares available in the wind turbines at Fallåsberget in the Municipality of Ockelbo, which began generating in early 2013. You can subscribe for these by contacting us.

Eco-labelled electricity at flexible prices
As an alternative to owning wind shares, you can simply become one of Utellus electricity customers and cover your electricity consumption with renewable electricity at flexible prices. This electricity carries the Good Environmental Choice label and the price follows the trend on the Nord Pool electricity exchange.

More information
Would you like to find out more about owning wind shares or becoming an electricity customer? Please contact us on hej@utellus.se or call 0771 – 81 87 00 (from Sweden) or +46 8 559 310 00 (from other countries).

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