Wind turbines in dramatic landscape

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Jouttikallio – Allianz’s first wind power investment in the Finnish market

In Jouttikallio, located in Lappo, Finland, the international insurance company Allianz has invested in six wind turbines from OX2. It is Allianz’s first wind power investment in the Finnish market.

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Ajos wind farm – a repowering project

OX2 has started construction of the Ajos wind farm at Kemi in northern Finland, a so-called repowering project. IKEA will purchase the wind farm when it is ready in 2017.

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REIF – the fund which focuses on profitable investments in wind and solar energy

“Investments in wind power have long-term and predictable cash flows,” says Ralph Seraphim of Goodyields Capital, who bought eight wind turbines of OX2.

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Allianz’ wind power investment provides electricity for the Google data centre in Finland

Allianz has invested in 34 wind turbines with a capacity of 105 MW at Maevaara. Google will buy the electricity for 10 years to operate a data centre.

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Green everyday living made easier for Mimer tenants

Bostads AB Mimer i Västerås satsar stort på hållbarhet. Sedan 2014 produceras egen grön el vid vindkraftverket på Bösjövarden genom ett samarbete med OX2.

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Polarbröd – greatest enjoyment, least impact

Polarbröd takes sustainability seriously, and the acquisition of four wind turbines from OX2 reflects the company’s commitment.

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Interview with Björn Torgilsson, 
CEO BJ System

Björn Torgilsson, CEO of BJ System, decided to invest in wind shares on behalf of the company in 2007. The primary reason was security. ”We have secured our supply at prices which will not need to be renegotiated and which hold up well in a society where the cost of energy will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.”

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Interview with Elsa Atmer, 
property owner, BEA hus

For many years, Elsa Atmer, who owns BEA hus, has been interested in finding a sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy solution for her properties for many years. After a breakfast meeting with OX2, information from the Swedish Property Federation in Stockholm and consultation with the Swedish Environmental Protection Association, she decided to invest in wind shares.

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Skanska, Jämtkraft and OX2 in a unique partnership

The Sjisjka wind farm in the Municipality of Gällivare opened in autumn 2012, and now has 30 wind turbines producing renewable green electricity. Thanks to a unique partnership, OX2, Skanska and Jämtkraft have succeeded in building one of the largest onshore wind farms in Sweden in an inaccessible location with an extremely short construction season and harsh climate.

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The IKEA Group will be 100 percent renewable by 2020

IKEA’s sustainability strategy forms an integrated part of IKEA’s plan for long-term growth. One of three targets covers energy and the objective is energy and resource independence.

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