Ajos wind farm – a repowering project

OX2 has started construction of the Ajos wind farm at Kemi in northern Finland. This is a so-called repowering project. Ten offshore and shoreline wind turbines are being replaced by modern wind turbines. Three new turbines are being built on shore. In 2017, the new 13-turbine farm will produce twice as much renewable electricity as it did in the past.

The project is IKEA’s first wind power investment on the Finnish market and the contract is the fourth between OX2 and IKEA.

An existing wind farm off Ajos on the coast of Kemi will be renewed and expanded. It currently consists of ten wind turbines on artificial islands in the sea and along the shore. OX2 will replace these with modern wind turbines, and in addition build three new turbines on shore, which more than doubles the output and provides a high level of reliability in operation. The new facility will therefore consist of 13 new wind turbines, which is expected to produce around 160 GWh/year.

“We are investing in renewable energy to create environmental benefits and accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. The new wind farm will mean that we produce more renewable energy than all of the energy that we use in our buildings in Finland,” says Lars Midttun, IKEA’s Country Manager in Finland.

OX2 has begun the dismantling and construction and, according to the plan, the new wind farm will be handed over to IKEA during 2017. OX2 will then be responsible for the commercial and technical management of the facility.

“This contract is part of OX2’s expansion strategy and positioning on the global wind power market. We have enjoyed excellent cooperation with IKEA for many years and we are now looking forward to building and delivering their first wind farm in Finland,” says Paul Stormoen, CEO for OX2 Wind.

The sales agreement for the Ajos wind farm is OX2’s fourth contract with IKEA for a total of 174 MW wind power in the Nordic region.

Ajos facts

  • In 2015, OX2 and Innopower signed a sales agreement for the existing wind farm.
  • The new wind farm will consist of 8 Siemens SWT-130 3,3 MW turbines on the coast and 5 Siemens SWT-113 3.2 MW on land (total 42.4 MW). The turbines’ overall height is approximately 150 m.
  • The facility is expected to produce around 160 GWh/year, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of electricity for approximately 32,000 households (household = 5,000 kWh/year).
  • At least 600-700 month jobs will be created during the construction period. During the management phase, at least 4 to 5 full-time equivalents will be required for service and maintenance for about 25 years i.e. during the entire lifetime of the wind farm.

Ajos project page (in Swedish)

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