Interview with Elsa Atmer,
 property owner, BEA hus

For many years, Elsa Atmer, who owns BEA hus, has been interested in finding a sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy solution for her properties for many years. After a breakfast meeting with OX2, information from the Swedish Property Federation in Stockholm and consultation with the Swedish Environmental Protection Association, she decided to invest in wind shares.

Number of shares: 200 

Annual CO2 saving
: up to 160 tonnes
Financial saving: 38 percent on average
Company: BEA hus owns seven properties including apartments, offices and retail units in central Stockholm. The company’s properties are managed by GA -fastigheter AB.

What made you buy shares?
I bought shares in wind turbines because it is renewable electricity and saves money. For me, the environmental argument is

the most important. We must find sustainable energy solutions to safeguard the future and subsequent generations. Renewable energy is an incredibly important piece of the jigsaw in achieving our environmental goals.

Has the purchase of wind shares made a difference to your environmental awareness?
I am happy be really involved and to contribute to the construction of new wind power production in Sweden, which is more environmentally-friendly than many other energy sources. Purchasing wind power shares is part of the environmental approach I’ve adopted.

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