Skanska, Jämtkraft and OX2 in a unique partnership.

The Sjisjka wind farm in the Municipality of Gällivare opened in autumn 2012, and now has 30 wind turbines producing renewable green electricity. Thanks to a unique partnership, OX2, Skanska and Jämtkraft have succeeded in building one of the largest onshore wind farms in Sweden in an inaccessible location with an extremely short construction season and harsh climate.

“We have shown that it is possible to build renewable energy in upland environments. We are now the proud suppliers of the energy of the future and will be producing 200 GWh of green electricity every year”, says Fredrik Björckebaum, CEO of Sjisjka Vind AB.

The project started in 1999, when OX2 established initial contacts with Girjas Sami village which raises reindeer in the area. The Sami village was interested, and helped choose the exact location to ensure that the wind farm would not interfere with their own activities. As time went on, they became more involved, helping the project by clearing the site and taking wind measurements, for example. But it was not until 2010 that legal permission was given for the project. In the same year, OX2 started to work in partnership with Skanska. The following year, Jämtkraft joined the partnership and Sjisjka Vind AB was set up.

This was, in many ways, a pilot project. The logistical challenges, including the lack of roads and stringent environmental requirements forced the players to come up with a number of innovative solutions. One of these was the use of pre-fabricated concrete fundaments – a completely new concept which saved time and reduced the environmental impact. 95 percent of all material was brought to Sjisjka by rail. Dumpers, machinery, vehicles and staff also travelled to Sjisjka by train.

”The construction work was subject to a sustainability plan aimed at minimising the impact on the environment and providing long-term sustainable solutions. Green construction, a lifecycle approach and a high level of safety”, says Fredrik Björckebaum.

The vision was that Sjisjka would be built and operated in harmony with nature and that the project would be a model for how you can create renewable energy in a sensitive upland environment with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Local support was an important part of the development of the project. In line with this, some of the income from the production will be paid back to the local community. A Community Fund of around SEK 300,000  per year will be shared out throughout the life of the wind farm, to promote development  in the Municipality. Some of this will directly benefit the villages, nearest the wind farm – Killinge, Kaitum and Neitisuanto.

On an annual basis, the wind farm delivers electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 43,000 households. Skanska owns 50 percent of Sjiska Vind AB, while OX2 and Jämtkraft own 25 percent each.

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