The IKEA Group will be 100 percent renewable by 2020

IKEA’s sustainability strategy forms an integrated part of IKEA’s plan for long-term growth. One of three targets covers energy and the objective is energy and resource independence.

IKEA sign

The IKEA Group will be 100 percent renewable by 2020. One of the sub-targets for achieving this is for all operations and buildings to become self-sufficient in renewable electricity.

»We are heading for a planet which is six degrees warmer. For several years, we have seen how climate change has made extreme weather conditions an everyday occurence, and we need to adopt aggressive targets. Sustainability is something which IKEA takes very seriously indeed  – not just among the top management, but throughout the company.

Outside pressure is also increasing, and our customers expect u sto move forward«, says Steve Howard, Sustainability Manager at the IKEA Group.

In Sweden, this target was achieved by 2015, thanks to three wind farms of totally 46 turbines. Owned by IKEA and delivered and managed by OX2.

»With our own wind farms in Sweden, we will have a long-term source of renewable energy for our operation. We can also pass on the financial benefit of electricity generated by wind power to our customers, in the form of lower prices on our products«, says Håkan Svedman, Country Manager, IKEA Sweden.

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