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The environment and the finances in harmony when Tyresö invested in wind power

Tyresö’s 45,000 residents live close to the sea, the countryside and the City of Stockholm. Since 2014, the municipality has owned a wind turbine at Bösjövarden in partnership with OX2.

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Sigtuna harnesses the wind

In Sigtuna, wind energy already covers a significant proportion of electricity consumption. This will increase even further in late 2012/early 2013 when production at Fallåsberget in Ockelbo, where the Municipality owns ten wind turbines, comes on stream.

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The Municipality of Rättvik leads the way

In many ways, Municipal Commissioner Inge Östlund of the Municipality of Rättvik is a pioneer. He realised the financial benefits of investing in wind power long before most other municipalities. In 2007, the Municipality decided to buy two wind turbines.

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Mörbylånga invested in wind power in Småland

In a dramatic location, high above Lake Vättern and next to the ruins of Brahehus manor, nine wind turbines have been generating 56 million KWh per year since the beginning of 2011. One of the turbines is owned by the Municipality of Mörbylånga, which now covers much of its energy consumption through wind power.

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