The environment and the finances in harmony when Tyresö invested in wind power

The 45,000 residents of the Municipality of Tyresö live close to the sea, the countryside and the City of Stockholm. Since 2014, the municipality has owned a wind turbine at Bösjövarden wind farm in partnership with OX2. Björn Hellqvist, Project Manager for the municipality, was actively involved in the procurement process.

First of all – why did Tyresö invest in wind power?

Our investment in wind power is fully in line with our climate strategy and our determination to manage our finances effectively. By reducing our energy costs we can spend more of the taxpayers’ money on pre-school facilities, schools and care for the elderly in the long term. The deciding factor for the Municipality of Tyresö was that the investment in wind power was not made at the expense of other municipal operations. You could say that we take our environmental and financial responsibilities equally seriously.

How do you use the electricity generated by the wind turbine?

Thanks to wind power, we now cover around 20 percent of the total energy consumption of municipal operations. At the moment that is around 40 GWh. The electricity generated at Bösjövarden in Dalarna County is used in Tyresö’s municipal properties, such as schools, pre-schools and sports facilities, libraries and offices, as well as in the municipal housing company’s operations. Around 2/3 of the output is used in our properties, and 1/3 in the housing company’s operations.

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The Municipality of Tyresö and the Tyresö bostäder housing company in brief

  • 45,000 residents
  • Around 3,200 homes
  • Owns a wind turbine at the Bösjövarden wind farm through the wholly-owned subsidiary Tyresö Vind AB
  • The wind turbine produces 8 GWh/year

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Why did you choose OX2 and how did the partnership work for you?

The procurement process took a long time, and, once it was completed, OX2’s bid was the most attractive. It was as simple as that. As far as I am concerned, the partnership has worked extremely well, both during the procurement process and now that we are entering a new phase involving the operation and management of the wind turbine. Obviously, the dialogue with OX2 over the technical and commercial management of our wind turbine is ongoing, and they handle this extremely professionally. This includes, for example, reports on power delivered and continuity of operation.

Is there anything you would like to say to others who are considering wind power?

We handled most of the procurement process ourselves, but also hired a consultant with a great deal of experience of wind power procurement. I would recommend this approach. It is extremely important to develop a procurement document that covers everything thoroughly. One thing we gave a lot of thought to was the importance of high-quality reports of electricity production from the wind turbine, with the reports provided in real time. This makes it much easier for the person in charge of balancing the municipality’s electricity purchasing to draw up accurate forecasts.

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