OX2 has been commissioned to build the Raskiftet wind farm on the west side of Osensjøen in Trysil and Åmot areas in Hedmark municipality, Norge. The client is a joint venture company held by German municipal utilities company Stadtwerke München and its Norwegian counterparts Eidsiva Energy and Gudbrandsdal Energy. The project will be delivered turnkey and is OX2’s first construction project in Norway.

OX2 starts the construction in autumn 2016 and will complete the works by the end of 2018. The wind farm will consist of 31 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 112 MW and an expected annual production of about 370 GWh.

During 2016-2017, roads, foundations and the internal network are to be built. The substation and the new air network down to the connections point at Osmoen will be finalised in winter 2018. Installation and commissioning of the 31 wind turbines is scheduled for the summer/fall 2018.


Number of wind turbines:
Height (m):
Installed capacity turbine/wind farm (MW):
Expected annual production (GWh):


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