OX2 recruits: Technical Project Manager

News ⎜2019-08-05

OX2 is increasing the greenfield activities with numeral measuring campaigns and therefore need to expand our engineering team with a Technical Project Manager (TPM).

The TPM acts as the decisive link between business and engineering stakeholders of wind farm projects from greenfield development up to operations. A TPM at OX2 is leading a couple of parallel projects in different phases, with most of the time spent in the Development and Realization phases, as well as in acquisition of projects (Due Diligence). Overall the TPM is involved in various discussions throughout all project phases.

The TPM is responsible for the overall technical design, optimization, quality and performance of wind farm projects and acts as a Project Manager, leading OX2 engineers (or consultants) in their work to optimize the technical aspects into an attractive end-product from a financial and engineering perspective. The TPM is also the responsible Systems Engineer for the project and has the responsibility to present, discuss and negotiate the technical solution with client representatives.

Your duties include:

  • Leading engineers in their work regarding i.a;
  • Wind resource assessment, production calculations, siting
  • Turbine, grid, road and hardstands layout design (including optimization)
  • Wind turbine selection
  • Defining technical contents of the agreements for wind turbines and BoP (grid, roads and hardstands, foundations) – including negotiations of the agreements
  • Leading technical discussions regarding the design, performance and quality with clients
  • HSE work related to the site design

Your qualifications and experience:

  • Wide and general knowledge of either technical due diligence or design of large energy projects
  • Technical expertise within at least one of fields covered by the responsibilities
  • Project Management experience leading engineers (and preferably consultants as well)
  • Experience of working with technical design of wind power projects are strongly meriting
  • Experience of engaging in commercial discussions are strongly meriting
  • Fluent in English (OX2 company language)

Employment: Full time
Location: Any of OX2’s offices in Sweden and Finland is feasible
To apply: Apply via LinkedIn
Last time to apply: Continuous interviews until position is appointed