Popular guided tours at Glötesvålen wind farm

News ⎜2015-09-24

Throughout the summer, Glöte Community Council in Härjedalen has offered guided tours of Glötesvålen wind farm, and these have proved very popular. Around 200 people visited the wind farm between June and August.

Glöte Community Council markets the new Glötesvålen wind farm tourist attraction as “Glötesvålen 1,010 metres above the sea”. It is a 3-part concept, which includes an exhibition about the wind farm, a café and guided tours. Between June and August, the concept attracted around 200 paying visitors, and created two jobs – one as a guide and one as a café manager.

“The dream is to make the wind farm a popular summer tourist attraction here in Härjedalen, to complement the skiing in winter.” Ulla Stenberg, a member of Glöte Community Council

”The feedback has been incredible. Everyone has been so impressed by the view and the fact that the construction of the wind farm has had very little impact on the environment. We now want to develop the concept further and hopefully create more jobs. The dream is to make the wind farm a popular summer tourist attraction here in Härjedalen, to complement the skiing in winter”, says Ulla Stenberg, a member of Glöte Community Council.

Glötesvålen wind farm has a lot to offer for wind power-related tourism:

  • The 30-turbine wind farm is located on the Glötesvålen plateau at an elevation of 1,010 metres above sea level. It is the highest wind farm in Scandinavia to date, and offers a magnificent view over Härjedalen and a broad sweep of the Norwegian mountains.
  • Some of the production income from the wind farm is payed into a Community Fund, which is distributed every year. This year, it was used as start-up capital for projects such as the development of the café and for marketing the guided tours.

”You have to remember that this is a sparsely-populated rural area where every job is worth its weight in gold. It’s essential we make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. Glöte Community Council has an important role to play, and I believe that there are great opportunities for further development of this venture, for example in partnership with the tourist offices in Härjedalen”, says Thony Gustafson, Trade and Industry Officer for the Municipality of Härjedalen.

Glötesvålen wind farm in brief

  • The wind farm is situated on the Glötesvålen plateau, approximately 50 km northwest of Sveg in the province of Härjedalen.
  • The 30 turbines which make up the wind farm are expected to produce 220 GWh/year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 44,000 homes.
  • OX2, which built the wind farm, handed over the fully operational facility to the owner, the IKEA Group, in December 2014. OX2 continues to be responsible for the management of technical and commercial management of the wind farm.
  • The wind farm was formally inaugurated and opened to the general public on 27 May 2015.