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Climate footprint

OX2 work actively to reduce emissions from our own operations, our
suppliers and customers. During 2021 we have performed measurements in line with the GHG Protocol to analyse our emissions.  


Compared with many other types of power, wind and solar power has a very small negative impact on the environment. As wind turbines use the energy contained in the wind to generate power, this avoids emissions to the land, air or water. However, establishing a wind farm is not climate neutral. Emissions in manufacturing, transport, road building and logging have an impact on the climate.

Although there are CO2 emissions associated with the construction, transport, operation and dismantling of wind turbines these emissions are paid back in less than one year of operation. The greatest emissions come from logging and the construction of roads and hardened surfaces. We have identified a number of key activities for reducing emissions. These include, for example, using quarries within the local area of the wind farm to reduce transport, using existing roads as much as possible, felling trees as little as possible and replanting trees on those routes that are not used.

Science based target

We are planning to to set a Science Based Target and will during 2022 work on an emission reduction target in line with the SBTi' criteria. 

Read our Environmental policy


  • Commit to setting a Science Based Target 
  • Strive to reduce emissions.