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Positive community contributions

We work to make a positive contribution to the development of the local area were we operate. Depending on the market and the local conditions, this may include local jobs, business development or financial contributions in the form of financial grants through community funds or property tax.

Local community development

OX2 has a clear ambition to provide local jobs wherever possible. Maintaining a close dialogue with local communities is therefore important, not just for anchoring the project but also for engaging the services of local businesses for accommodation, catering, snow clearance, logging and similar activities. Maintaining a dialogue with local residents is also important for identifying local interest groups, such as local fishing associations and hunting groups. Through cooperation with these groups, OX2 is able to help their activities continue as undisturbed as possible while the wind or solar farm is being established. 

Over the coming years, OX2 will maintain its open dialogue with local communities, work with local businesses and increase the spread of knowledge about the climate benefits of wind and solar power. In its own Swedish projects developed after 2019, OX2 will increase its financial grants through community funds. Community funds are awarded to one or more democratically established associations in the local community, according to rules drawn up by the community together with OX2. Some of the funds can also be provided in the form of credit guarantees via Garantia, enabling loans to be made to local small businesses.

Examples of promoting local jobs 


Positive development of the community affected by establishment of a wind farm.