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Employee well-being

OX2 has ambitious goals when it comes to the inner growth of our people. OX2 is a values-driven organization and all our employees were involved in co-creating our new corporate values: Responsible Ambition, Equal Belonging and Collaborative Impact. Our three values express what we stand for in all our countries and serves together with our purpose as a foundation for managing and refining a value-creating culture.


All employees are invited to a participate in OX2’s mindfulness program. It trains us to become more aware of ourselves, our relations with others, and our role in greater systems – such as our company and the society. By increasing awareness among all employees we build a compassionate culture with better interplay between individual motivation, corporate values and organizational goals. As we get a better understanding for how we affect and influence others, our teams become more collaborative and our leadership more empathic. This contributes not only to our culture, but also to our ability to make holistic decisions. The mindfulness program has been fully embraced by the management team and provides an important set of skills for all managers in OX2.

Feedback culture

At OX2, we strive for a culture where employees give and ask for feedback – frequently and generously. By developing and implementing feedback models and tools, we all learn about our forehands and backhands, and share with our colleagues what our strengths and weaknesses are. In a friendly and safe work environment we can discuss these matters openly, and thereby help each other grow.

Our corporate values

Responsible Ambition

Being responsible in our ambition means that we have the courage to set high standards. When we set our high goals, we will take full accountability and focus on reaching them with honesty and integrity.

Equal Belonging

We are all different and diverse in background and perspectives. However, we all deserve to feel equally invested in our culture. We achieve that through including people with respect and curiosity.

Collaborative Impact

When we take time to learn, innovate and collaborate, we do it with a clear purpose - to have a sustainable impact. We have the openness and flexibility to co-create, based on our unique competencies for an impact that is larger than ourselves.

Learn more from our Code of Conduct


  • Health index above 97% promoting a healthy lifestyle, reduced level of stress.
  • Increase eNPS score 
  • High mindfulness attendance rate above 80%.