OX2’s Trainee Program – meet our first trainee

OX2 is ceaselessly looking for young, passionate and talented people with potential and desire to become part of our company and our sustainable journey. Learn more about the program and meet the first OX2 trainee – Christian Fickler.

The OX2 Trainee Program targets talented graduates with a demonstrated entrepreneurial and innovative mindset who have the potential of becoming our future colleagues and leaders. Through the program, we aim at securing the needed expertise and resources at OX2 from an early stage.

  • The first edition started during spring of 2017 as a 12-month program and will end this summer
  • The next program starts in September and it will be an 18-month program
  • The trainee works in four different OX2 departments ranging from PMT and Development to Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • The program offers a steep learning curve, an opportunity to gain practical experience and insight into OX2’s business and to develop tools for a future career at OX2
  • A designated mentor gives support and guidance throughout the program

Meet Christian Fickler - our first OX2 Trainee

Born and raised in Täby, Stockholm, Christian is a 27-year-old talented graduate with a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Linköping. He focused his studies on Energy and Environmental Management and he has also taken courses in sustainability in Melbourne, Australia.

Christian Fickler, OX2's first trainee

“When I saw that OX2 was looking for trainees, I applied without hesitating.” Christian Fickler, OX2 trainee

How did you get in contact with OX2 and what motivated you to apply to our Trainee Program?

I got interested in the business model which actually fits me perfectly; combining technical skills with transactions and sustainability is what I’m looking for in a company – a progressive and forward-looking workplace.

When I saw that OX2 was looking for trainees, I applied without hesitating.

Tell us more about the recruiting process.

As most of the graduates do at the end of the studies, I was evaluating different career paths and was applying to several other Trainee programs and jobs at the same time. With OX2 I noticed right from the beginning that the process was very professional; the interviews and proficiency tests were conducted in a very good manner and I received feedback on my performance very fast.

The competition was tough! Plenty of qualified and ambitious graduates applied to the program. I got to meet five of the other candidates during a mingle at the OX2 office one evening. It was such an interesting evening! We met several people from OX2, learned about the team and the work they were doing. Professional, competent and committed – here are three words to describe how I felt about OX2 that evening!

What are the highlights of your time with OX2 so far?

I started with the PMT team in August 2017 and worked closely with the financial close of Stigshöjden and Orrberget wind farms. Coming from an engineering background, it was quite a challenge dealing with transaction and financing and also understanding the organization at the same time. I received lots of support and guiding, and it was great to be a part of the intensive realization months at the end of last year.

Since then I have rotated to Engineering and moved forward to Development, Procurement and Construction.

It is very rewarding to be able to get so many business insights and practical guidelines from so many departments in just 12 months. It’s like a crash course in wind power business.

What happens next?

After the trainee program ended last summer I received a job offer. I now work full-time here. There is so much potential and business power at OX2 and it will be very exciting to be a part of it in the future.

And to the new candidates applying right now I just want to say – go for it! Apply, be committed and work hard. It’s worth it!

Christoffer Brandorf, OX2 Mentor

“The purpose of the trainee programme is to attract talented graduates and give them a kick-start in a successful career at OX2.” Christoffer Brandorf, OX2 Mentor