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Onshore wind power

Large-scale onshore wind power is the cornerstone of OX2’s 20-year history. Onshore wind power is an attractive investment among investors looking for a stable long-term return.

Thanks to technological developments and falling costs at all stages, onshore wind power is now one of the most cost-effective sources of energy. The technology is proven and projects can be completed entirely without government subsidies, something that OX2 pioneered in Finland back in 2018.

Onshore wind projects contribute to economic growth in the rural communities where wind farms are often located. Rental income, property taxes, jobs and local development can all increase the economic prosperity of these communities.

Onshore wind needs to be developed in a sustainable and responsible manner. Extensive resources are devoted to consultation with the authorities, local communities and individuals. It is also important to consider the impact on the local environment. This can be done through nature-positive initiatives aimed at strengthening biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

OX2 and onshore wind power

3.9 GW

Since 2004, OX2 has developed and begun construction on 3.9 GW of onshore wind power for industrial and institutional customers, making us one of the leading developers in Europe.

Overall responsibility

We take overall responsibility for the development, construction and sale of turnkey onshore wind farms.


When the farm is commissioned, our technical and commercial team take over the management. We also offer technical and commercial management for farms developed by other operators.

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