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Market leader in onshore wind power

Largescale onshore wind power is the cornerstone of OX2’s current business. Onshore wind power is an attractive investment among investors looking for a stable long-term return.

Facts about onshore wind power

Harnessing the energy from the wind is an age-old technology. Using it for producing electricity was done for the first time in 1887.

Onshore wind power is one of the fastest and most cost-effective energy sources. Between 2010 and 2020 the cost of generating one megawatt hour decreased almost 40 percent. OX2 built the first wind farm without any subsidies. Today wind power is an attractive investment among investors looking for a stable long-term return.

Onshore wind farms is a proven technology which makes it fairly fast to construct, configure, run and operate. It doesn’t demand a lot of infrastructure and connecting to the grid is usually not complicated. The technology is well tested and reliable and the maintenance costs are low.

The UN panel on climate change, IPCC, has pointed out wind power as the option with the biggest potential to reduce emissions to the lowest cost, next to solar power.

OX2 and onshore wind power

Large-scale onshore wind farms have been the cornerstone of OX2’s operations since the beginning. We take overall responsibility for the development, construction and sale of  wind farms.

We have established a leading position in this technology since 2004, having developed and sold over 3.7 GW of onshore wind power to industrial and institutional customers.

During the period 2014–2020, we established more onshore wind power than any other European developer.

In Sweden and Finland, we have shown that onshore wind power is sustainable, cost-effective for consumers, profitable for investors and competitive on its own merits – without government subsidies.

Onshore wind power has also strongly contributed to the economic growth of regions and countries. We utilize these experiences when expanding on new markets.

  • Project development portfolio of about 11.9 GW in 7 markets at Q4 2023
  • 9 onshore wind farms under construction at Q4 2023
  • The largest wind farm we have developed is the Lestijärvi wind farm in Finland with a total capacity of 455 MW. It is also Finland’s largest wind farm

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