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Our strategy

OX2 accelerates access to renewable energy. We do it by operating across the whole value chain, from project development to construction, delivery and management of energy solutions.

We are active across onshore and offshore wind, solar, and new technologies, such as energy storage and hydrogen, as well as full-service technical and commercial management of our customers’ assets.

OX2’s strategy is based on three pillars:

1. Accelerate leadership in existing markets and technologies

We see significant growth opportunities in all our existing markets.

Our focus on the existing markets is to expand our project portfolio by greenfield projects and acquisitions. We will also expand our footprint across existing technologies and strengthen our local organizations, as well as our local relationships to our business partners, customers, landowners, and other local stakeholders.

2. Expand into new markets and in new technologies

Geographical and technological expansion and diversification is the second pillar in OX2’s growth strategy.

Geographically we are expanding into markets that need to diversify their energy mix and are characterized by predictability.

We are accelerating investments into new technologies, such as offshore wind and solar, as well as exploring new complementary technologies such as hydrogen and energy storage. Hydrogen and energy storage are key to phase out fossil fuels.

3. Run an efficient operation and lead sustainable development

Sustainability runs through everything we do: from why we exist all the way down to the nuts and bolts in our renewable energy solutions. Our sustainability approach is supported by our focus on developing an entrepreneurial and agile organization with the best people in the industry.

Our business model ensures solutions that truly work and make a significant contribution to our customers and society at large. We have continuously refined our model through multiple projects across several markets and technologies. By aggregating our knowledge and insights into our business model, we deliver work at market-leading speed and quality.

We believe that this combination of purpose and performance, will build the right company culture and attract the right people to execute our mission of accelerating access to renewable energy.


OX2 leverages its established position to expand on existing markets and diversify into different technologies. We are currently present in nine markets in Europe. We are continuously exploring markets and opportunities to expand our geographical presence. We are particularly interested in large electricity markets with a significant share of fossil energy and clear needs and opportunities to increase the share of renewable energy.

A common denominator for all markets is the challenge of identifying suitable and available placement for renewables and handling complex development and permit processes.

CountryEntered market (year)

*An autonomous region in Finland

Regional strategies

OX2’s regional strategies and the fact that we operate within several technologies helps to achieve a risk spread in the product portfolio.

OX2 combines central capabilities spread across our European offices with local, collaborative development teams and contractors, ensuring community engagement and project adaptation to local conditions, as well as promoting local job and value creation.