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Our strategy

 OX2 has 20 years of experience in developing, selling and constructing renewable energy projects. Our ambition is to be a leader and role model within renewable energy solutions. Our strategy guides us on our journey.

Strategy model

Our strategy is based on our values, is enabled by our business and operating models and aims to deliver on our mission: to accelerate access to renewable energy. Our strategic growth pillars can be adjusted within the framework in order to respond to changing external factors such as economic fluctuations, market shifts or geopolitical unrest.

We envisage that the demand for renewable energy will continue to grow over time, driven by the electrification of societies and industries as well as by countries’ pursuit of energy independence and climate targets. Our strategy aims to power the great shift while creating value for our shareholders, partners and society in general.

Balanced growth – our strategy for the future

We are now a leader on many European markets following expansion in recent years and we are currently consolidating our position. The aim is to strike the right balance in the business, create value and growth in our existing markets and technologies, and minimize risks in a volatile environment. On new markets, such as Australia, the focus is on establishing a profitable and long-term presence.

Our strategic growth pillars for balanced growth are:

1. Consolidate a leading position

We consolidate our leading position within established geographies and technologies. We balance the project development portfolio by giving greater priority to projects that provide short-term profitability. We are flexible and we develop products and business models that are adapted to the prevailing conditions on our various markets.

2. Operate a sustainable and efficient business

We continue to focus on sustainability in our projects and n our other activities through our sustainability framework and our three long-term sustainability goals. We focus on improving efficiency, including by clarifying roles, processes and responsibilities.

3. Profitable and long-term presence

We focus on newly established markets in order to generate business and profitability. We are scaling up energy storage and Power-to-X to provide scope for broader energy system solutions. We will be selective in terms of our expansion within both technological growth areas and new territories.

Regional strategies

OX2’s regional strategies and the fact that we operate within several technologies helps to achieve a risk spread in the product portfolio.

OX2 combines central capabilities spread across our European offices with local, collaborative development teams and contractors, ensuring community engagement and project adaptation to local conditions, as well as promoting local job and value creation.