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Reporting and policy documents

We strive to be transparent when reporting on our sustainability activities and would like to reflect on the impact and changes we have made but also to be transparent about areas that need improving. OX2 reports according to GRI 2021. 

We have implemented a whistleblowing service, and an early warning system to reduce risks. It is a tool to foster high ethical standards and maintain customer and public confidence in us. The whistleblowing service can be used to alert us about serious risks of wrongdoing affecting people, our organisation, society, or the environment. Your report can include information regarding criminal offences, irregularities violations or other actions in breach of EU or national laws. 

Policies guiding our business

OX2’s sustainability work is governed by several policies. The Code of Conduct and OX2’s various policy documents provide the basis for the performance of work, procedures, and processes. All employee has a responsibility to ensure that the guidelines are followed.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to declare OX2’s commitment to business integrity and sustainability in everything we do. The Code serves as guidance on where we see the ethical boundaries as of today and provides standards for ways of behaving in the ordinary course of business.

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The purpose of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers is to define the basic sustainability requirements placed on OX2’s Suppliers. The requirements are based on the UN Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the 0ECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The Code also reflects OX2’s Values and Code of Conduct.

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Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy aims to define the sustainability framework in OX2 and provide a governing platform for our sustainability work for all business decisions. Our commitment to sustainability is an integral component of our overarching strategy. We prioritize long-term, sustainable performance and perspectives over short-term gains and shortcuts.

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Environmental Policy

The purpose of the Environmental Policy is to describe OX2’s environmental commitments that applies to all employees. All relevant environmental topics are encompassed by this Policy, at a minimum the environmental topics that are defined as OX2’s material sustainability topics and environmental topics noted in our projects environmental permits.

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Health & Safety Policy

The Health & Safety Policy states that OX2 always strives to make a workplace as safe as possible. The OX2 vision is zero accidents and zero harm to our employees, stakeholders, contractors, and visitors. We strive to achieve this by demonstrating good leadership, commitment, and continual improvement.

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Policy

We are committed to attracting and developing a diverse workforce and to providing inclusive workplaces where everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other diversity strands and backgrounds, feel a sense of belonging.

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Policy Against Corruption

OX2 has a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption. We are committed to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate. We are committed to implement and enforce effective systems to counter corruption.

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Policy for Whitleblowing

OX2 believes that it has a duty to deal with irregularities and that they are to be reported in line with the company’s Code of Conduct. OX2 also regards whistleblowers who report irregularities as model citizens, since they help OX2 demonstrate honesty, responsibility, and excellent leadership.

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Information & Insider Policy

This Policy sets the guidelines for all internal and external communication. All communication from OX2 aims to create trust and understanding of the company among external stakeholders and employees, potential and current, investors and partners, as well as to create and maintain good relationships with various stakeholders. 

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Tax Policy

The Tax Policy sets out OX2’s approach to taxes and associated risks and the guiding principles for OX2’s employees in relation to tax matters.

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Local Engagement Policy

This Local Engagement Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures governing OX2’s local activities. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all localengagement activities align with our mission, values, business ethics and sustainability approach while maintaining transparency and consistency in our local engagement activities.

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Recognition and Ratings 

OX2 receives external recognition and ratings from a variety of organisations. Read more about the recent ones below

Carnegie Sustainability Award 

Sustainalytics ESG risk rating 

OX2 has been certified as a ‘Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner’ 

The recognition is presented to companies with a high level of transparency to its investors when it comes to Environmental, Social and Governance issues (ESG).