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Technical and commercial management

OX2 offers a complete range of operation and management services once a wind farm has been commissioned, with the aim to simplify ownership and maximize value for our customers. Our customers include owners of renewable energy assets, including wind, solar and storage. They are either built by OX2, or developed and built by third parties.

Revenue optimization, cost control and efficient ownership

Once a wind, solar or storage asset has been commissioned, we can provide technical and commercial management (TCM) services, including day-to-day monitoring and optimization of the facility, contracts, finance, and commercial administration.

The aim of TCM is to optimize revenue by ensuring a high level of production, cost control, and simplified and efficient ownership for our customers. TCM is a growing area for OX2 and covers both assets developed by OX2 and those developed by other operators.

We are currently one of Europe’s largest managers of onshore wind farms. In June 2023 we were responsible for close to 940 turbines, totaling 4.1 GW as well as five solar farms of slightly more than 500 MW. The wind farms are located in Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Lithuania while the solar assets are located in Australia and Poland.

What we offer

OX2 has a team of about 65 employees in five countries dedicated to technical and commercial management services. We are experts in Nordic conditions and anti- and deicing systems.

On the technical side, we ensure that the facilities are in top condition, that they are continuously monitored and generate electricity, and that suppliers perform the contractually agreed service and maintenance.

Commercially, we ensure that the facilities have advantageous operating contracts and that we comply with laws and regulations on health, safety, and environment.
We also take care of financial management, including everything from handling invoices and accounting to producing annual reports and coordinating with banks and auditors.

TCM services are provided under long-term contracts, usually lasting 10–15 years.

Contact us for more information

We currently manage 11 wind farms developed and constructed by third parties. Contact us if you want to know how we can optimize your asset.

Head of OX2 TCM
Lars Bryngelsson