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Our position

OX2 is a fully integrated provider of renewable energy solutions at scale. We occupy a strong position on a rapidly growing renewable energy market. A market that is instrumental for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. 

Commercially proven track-record and business model

As a renewable energy pioneer, with close to 20 years in business, we have been part of shaping the industry. We have continuously refined our business model through multiple projects across several European markets and technologies. The knowledge and insights makes us deliver work at market-leading speed and to the highest quality. Our way of working ensures solutions that make a significant contribution to our customers and society at large.

Multi-specialists with a holistic perspective

OX2 house specialists across the entire value chain, from project acquisition and financing to development, procurement, construction, engineering, as well as technical and commercial management. Acting as one throughout the process ensures a reliable way of working, and a holistic perspective on value creation for all stakeholders.

Local and long-term

OX2 combines central capabilities spread across our European offices with local, collaborative development teams and contractors. This ensures community engagement and project adaptation to local conditions, as well as promoting local jobs and value creation. OX2 is engaged from the start, and for decades to come.

Sustainable by design

For us, the necessary shift is not only from fossil fuels to renewables. It is also a shift from old business practices to a new business model. A sustainable business that is based on high ethical standards, carefully selected materials, and care for all people involved and the communities where we operate. OX2 aims to establish energy solutions that are nature positive by 2030. Our projects are sustainable by design, from early planning to construction and management.

How we accelerate access to renewable energy

We operate with large-scale energy solutions across several technologies. OX2 manages the entire value chain – from acquisition of project rights and greenfield to development, the permit application process, realization, procurement, construction and technical and commercial management. 

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