About OX2. View over Glötesvålen wind farm.

Our energy never ends

OX2 develops, builds, finances and manages renewable energy plants in the Nordic countries. We strive towards a 100 % sustainable and renewable energy sector.

We have accepted one of the greatest challenges of our times. By increasing the amount of renewable energy available and, at the same time, generating benefits for both the environment and investors, we constantly drive progress towards a common goal – a sustainable future.

The need for newly-developed electricity production has never been greater in the world than it is at present, and demand is growing relentlessly. At the same time, a very large number of existing power plants are ageing and must be replaced. To add to the complexity of the picture, the world’s overall energy production is dominated by coal and oil which are responsible for a significant share of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Our vision is sustainable
Renewable energy is not just about the environment. In many cases, the cost of producing renewable energy is a far better financial option than other forms of power. Our vision is a 100 % sustainable and renewable energy sector, free from the risks and negative environmental impact of the fossil alternatives or nuclear power.

And a genuine reality
When it comes to realising this vision, few have OX2’s expertise, experience and entrepreneurship. Our operation covers all stages of wind power development – from project development, financing and sales, to construction, operation and management. We also have one of the most comprehensive programmes for securing the best wind locations in the Nordics. We work closely with local stakeholders and decision-makers, landowners, municipalities and other developers within the sector, as well as investors and electricity producers.

Growing portfolio
OX2 is behind a significant proportion of all large-scale wind power construction in the Nordic region, and new projects are rapidly being added to our portfolio. We also keep track of other sustainable energy sources, such as bio energy, geo energy and photovoltaic. The overall objective is the same: to use OX2’s development power to drive the transition to a sustainable future.

OX2 in brief

  • More than SEK 17 billion has been invested in wind farms developed and constructed by OX2
  • Has planned and built/are building almost 1,600 MW of wind power
  • 750 MW wind power under construction
  • Constantly screens new wind power projects in Sweden, Norway and Finland and develop close cooperation with local planners
  • Operates and develops one of the largest biogas plants outside Helsingborg with a capacity of approximately 90 GWh of biogas per year
  • Conducts business development in several renewable energy sources
  • Technical and commercial management contract for 340 wind turbines in 25 wind farms, with an estimated annual production of 3.5 TWh
  • About 100 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, France and Lithuania with headquarters in Stockholm

Customers and partners

OX2’s wind power developments have attracted investment capital from a wide variety of sectors.

The majority of the projects we have realised have been implemented in partnership with financial institutions such as Allianz, Proventus, FAM Wallenbergstiftelsen, Folksam and Stena, or major electricity users such as IKEA, Google, Polarbröd, property companies and municipalities.

OX2’s customers also include industrial players, such as Skanska, Jämtkraft and Vattenfall.

For consumers who want solar cells or shares in wind power, we have the brand Utellus. OX2 also runs Sweden’s largest wind power cooperative – Solivind El Economic Association – with approximately 4,000 members.

For energy efficiency, we have Enstar who works with sustainable energy systems for real estate, including in geo-energy.

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