Professional management optimises production

OX2 is responsible for the commercial and technical management of more than 340 turbines, which is equivalent to about 1,100 MW of wind power and about 3.5 TWh annual production. We deal with all important issues on behalf of the owner, and aim for maximum profitability and trouble-free ownership.

When a wind farm is built and commissioned, OX2’s management team takes over day-to-day supervision. This team has exceptional experience of different types of electricity generating plants and are experts in wind power.

High production and availability
Our customers include owners of wind farms built by OX2 where the operation of the plant is part of the acquisition agreement, as well as owners of plants developed and built by third parties. The aim is to maximise profitability

by ensuring a high level of production and availability, and to take the pressure off the owners, freeing-up their time.

Examples of companies that let OX2 manage and optimize their production includes IKEA, Allianz and Polarbröd.

Full transparency for customers
As a customer, you can log into our monitoring system at any time and check operation, statistics and production in real time yourself.


OX2’s management team handles, among other things:

  • Operation and production follow-ups
  • Optimisation of performance and availability
  • Technical management and inspections
  • Remote monitoring of the wind turbines
  • Management of financial and administrative matters
  • Risk management
  • Contract management
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