Fontavis and OX2 successfully completed Orrberget wind farm

Press Release ⎜ March 30, 2020

«With the completion of another wind farm in Sweden with OX2, Fontavis again demonstrates its competence and ability to generate attractive deals and successfully implement them with the right partners», says Thomas Vogt, Director at Fontavis.

«We are pleased that we were able to implement another project with Fontavis. As with the Stigshöjden wind farm that was commissioned last autumn, the cooperation during the construction phase worked very well. We are now committed to manage the wind farm for Fontavis to ensure a safe operation and to deliver the greatest possible return of investment», says Paul Stormoen, CEO at OX2.

The completion of Orrberget wind farm marks another milestone in growing and further developing Fontavis’ renewable energy production portfolio. Fontavis continues expanding its European investments in the areas of on- and offshore wind power, solar energy, hydroelectric power and biomass in the coming years and contributes in a meaningful way to CO2 reduction.