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Successful geophysical survey of the Galatea-Galene project area

October 27, 2022, 10:00
Clinton Marine Survey has on behalf of OX2 successfully carried out a comprehensive geophysical survey for the offshore wind farm Galatea-Galene, which is planned to be built in the Kattegat about 25 km from the coast outside the cities of Varberg and Falkenberg in Sweden.
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The vessel Northern Storm has for five weeks carried out surveys of the Galatea-Galene project area.

A geophysical survey enables the project to, among other things, map bathymetry and geological conditions as well as marine archaeology and marine biology. This information will be used in the further development of the project and permit applications.

The survey of about 370 km2 was carried out over a five-week period and included both the wind farm area and the planned cable corridors to shore. The survey has been successful and verifies previous surveys conducted in the wind farm area.

– The completion of the extensive geophysical survey is an important milestone for the Galatea-Galene project and brings us one step closer in supplying southern Sweden with renewable and affordable energy, says Emelie Zakrisson, Head of Offshore Development for OX2 in Sweden.

The survey was completed by a well-organized and experienced team and without any accidents or injuries. In addition, the fuel-efficient vessel Northern Storm has managed to save around 5,000 liters of diesel per day, compared to other larger marine survey vessels. It has helped us save 435 tons of CO2 in this project. For the shallow and coastal measurements, a smaller boat, Northern Star, has also been used.

– We are pleased to have completed this exciting and successful sea measurement together with OX2 and to be involved in driving renewable energy forward. Clinton’s unique set of how we conduct sea measurements has made it possible to save large amounts of CO2, something we are very proud of, says Philip Ljungström, Head of Project Department at Clinton Marine Survey.

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