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SCA and OX2 sign a cooperation agreement for new wind power

May 7, 2019, 13:43
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SCA, which owns 2.6 million hectares of environmentally certified forest in northern Sweden, has entered into a cooperation agreement for project planning for new wind power with OX2, one of the Nordic region’s largest wind power project managers. The goal of the agreement is to realise around 1,000 MW of new wind power within a five-year period, that will have an annual production capacity of approximately 3.5 TWh.

Initially, SCA and OX2 have identified a small number of areas that are suitable for wind power in Norrland county. OX2 and SCA have begun to develop four projects and further areas may be considered.

“OX2 has huge experience with such projects, from the development stage to commissioned wind farms,” says Milan Kolar, Head of Wind Energy at SCA. This makes OX2 the ideal partner to further SCA’s ambition for growth in the renewable energy sector.

“It is a strength to be able to work with such a competent, experienced and locally supported partner as SCA. OX2 and SCA complement each other and have a very flexible way of working, meaning we can make quick decisions. Together, we have an excellent background, in connection with other stakeholders, for the achievement of our common objectives and can contribute to the transition towards a 100% renewable energy system in Sweden,” says Hillevi Priscar, Project Development Manager at OX2.

SCA and OX2 are companies that have both been successful individually in their development of wind power. In 2018, there were 324 operational wind turbines on SCA’s land, which is equivalent to around 13 percent of Sweden’s wind power production. Up to 2018, OX2 has contributed to the development of around 12 per cent of the wind power production in Sweden.