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OX2 sells 70 MW windfarm in Sweden

October 27, 2022, 08:15
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OX2 has signed an agreement to sell Riberget wind farm in Ljusdal municipality, Sweden, to Fu-Gen. The wind farm will consist of 11 turbines and have a total installed capacity of 70 MW.

The buyer, Fu-Gen, is a privately held IPP focused on the development and ownership of energy producing sites from wind, solar, battery storage and e-fuels (Hydrogen based) projects across the Nordics and the UK.

-        “We are delighted to have closed the transaction for the Riberget wind farm; we see it as an important step towards growing our production capacity and increasing our geographical spread of onshore wind. Wind energy is an important element in the supply chain for the industry and plays an important role in our strategy toward e-fuels in North Sweden and toward zero emission targets. We are looking forward to working alongside OX2 through the construction and operation of the wind farm,” says Yaron Feingers, Founder, Fu-Gen AG.
-        “We are immensely proud to realize the farm and hereby accelerate that access to renewable energy for the region. The close collaboration and open dialogue with Ljusdal’s local authorities, the landowner and local residents, as well as our customer Fu-Gen has been instrumental for the project. Riberget has a special focus on increasing the biodiversity in nature, where various efforts are discussed in close cooperation with landowner in order to find the most relevant solutions,” says Paul Stormoen, CEO, OX2 AB.

OX2 will commence construction of the wind farm by the end of 2022 and it is estimated to be completed during second half of 2024. Once commissioned, OX2 will be responsible for the technical and commercial management of the project under a 15-year agreement, optimizing the production and supervising its operations.