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Health and Safety

We want to be a role model and act progressively and responsibly when it comes to Health and Safety. Our vision is zero accidents and zero harm to our employees, contractors, and other relevant stakeholders. We always strive to make a workplace as safe as possible.

Prioritized Health and Safety measurements

We work systematically to enhance physical and social well-being at the workplace and strive to achieve high attendance levels and low numbers of long-term sick leave. There is a high level of awareness of health and safety at OX2’s construction sites and safety is the top priority. All employees, as well as contractors and suppliers, are covered by the company’s systematic work environment management. Incidents and accidents are reported and investigated internally. Corrective measures are introduced in the form of improved procedures. Several internal audits are carried out during projects. The results of these are shared with contractors and other construction projects to continuously improve safety work .

Some examples of activities:

  • Complying with all local health and safety related regulations and requirements
  • Identifying and monitoring risks and other hazards and sharing knowledge about risk prevention
  • Reporting incidents and observations to reduce risks and learn from experience. All accidents and severe near misses will be evaluated with knowledge and solutions shared in the company
  • Cooperating with employees and safety representatives, as well as other key stakeholders, concerning health and safety aspects
  • Developing the leadership, safety culture and awareness of health and safety issues
  • Establish health and safety improvement goals and monitoring their progress
  • Continued health and safety training and education of our employees
  • Developing an effective use of the health and safety management system

    Read our Health and Safety Policy


  • Zero accidents.
  • High level of reporting of accidents, near misses and risk observations in the OX2 projects and organisation.
  • Lost-time injury frequency rate below 5.