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OX2 and Nordkalk to collaborate on development of e-fuel production on Gotland, Sweden

October 31, 2023, 08:05
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OX2 and Nordkalk will together investigate the opportunities for production of e-fuel. The e-fuel could be used in Nordkalk’s own facilities, but also for shipping and other industries and to make Gotland a hub for green growth and development. The parties will now initiate a pilot study on how a facility should be planned.

E-fuel can be used to replace fossil fuels in Nordkalk’s production or to refine the limestone to fertilization products. It can also be used as fuel for shipping and other heavy transports. OX2 is developing large-scale offshore wind farms outside the island of Gotland that can supply the electricity and hydrogen needed. OX2 are also active within the development of hydrogen infrastructure and is among other things partners in the development of a hydrogen pipeline between Finland, Åland, Sweden and Germany.

In the initial pilot study the parties will investigate how the facility should be planned, how the use of the area can be maximized and how the harbor of Storugns can be developed.

-          This is a very exciting project that will contribute to develop Gotland and create job opportunities. Wind is a natural resource that can be used to transition to sustainable fuels and create new industries, but also to secure that current industries remain competitive in the future. Gotland has better conditions for this than maybe any other place in Sweden, says Emelie Zakrisson, Head of Offshore Wind Development in Sweden, OX2.

-      The collaboration with OX2 is a significant step towards lifelong Net-Zero through e-fuel production whilst providing a production stream for our CO2 capture plants. This not only aligns with our commitment to sustainability and Net Zero, but also positions Gotland and Sweden as strategically key players in the transition towards sustainable and efficient energy utilisation across not only our industry but multiple industries, says Ola Thuresson, Industrial Development Director, Nordkalk.

OX2 develops the offshore wind farms Aurora, between the islands of Gotland and Öland and Pleione-Ran situated east of Gotland. Together the wind farms will produce about 37 TWh, which corresponds to about a fourth of Sweden’s electricity consumption. OX2 also investigates the possibility to use the oxygen that is a biproduct from hydrogen to oxygenate the Baltic Sea.