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OX2 commences construction of the Kjølberget wind farm (56 MW) in Norway

May 15, 2019, 09:35
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The cooperation between OX2 and the wind power developer Austri continues. Since partnering in 2015, OX2 has together with Austri developed the Kjølberget wind farm and will now be responsible for constructing the wind farm. Kjølberget will be OX2’s second construction project in Norway.

The ownership structure of Austri Kjølberget is the same as for Austri Raskiftet wind farm (112 MW), which OX2 handed over as commissioned in December 2018.

The wind farm will be constructed at Kjølberget in Våler municipality in Hedmark county Norway. The plant will be composed of 13 wind turbines and when it is commissioned, during Q1 2021 according to the schedule, it will produce some 195 GWh of new renewable electricity per year.

Facts about the project:
- Estimated electricity generation GWh per year: about 195 GWh corresponding to electricity for approximately 39,000 households per year (5,000 kWh per household).
- Planned operational: Q1 2021
- Turbines selected: Vestas V150 4.3MW with a total height of 220 m
- Owner: Austri Kjölberget DA
- EPC supplier: OX2

For more information please contact:
Paul Stormoen, Managing Director OX2 Wind, tel: +46 (0)70-671 18 18,
Lars Bjelvin, Communication Manager Austri, tel: +47 48295667,